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This website is about sharing the knowledge or even wisdom discovered, summarized, or invented by Dr. Jason Jixuan Hu, JJH, through his years of LEER (I.e., Learning, Experimenting, Exploring, and Reflecting) on several important topics that you might be interested in to take home to enjoy or even benefited from.

Here is a list of such topics with a brief quote of what he said; each entry links to the original paper, slides, or video. Welcome to explore one of the most interesting minds in this world –  your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Human knowledge about our world is always limited, and human ignorance is universal. The hope is that everyone can learn from knowledge pioneers, thus reducing the amount of ignorance to gain wisdom and live better. (link)

JJH chose System Thinking and Cybernetics in college years, influenced by TSIEN Shiesen (System Engineering as management technology) and JIN Guangtao (cliometrics studies and cybernetics modeling to explain Chinese history) inside China and Jay Forrester (System Dynamics Modeling) in the U.S..  He went to the U.S. to study with Stuart Umpleby in 1986 and later being influenced by Heinz von Foerster, Humberto Maturana, Russell Ackoff, Jerry Harvey, Elliott Jaques, Chong-pin Lin, and Paul Pangaro. In his 1993 Manuscript of Introduction to Cybernetics, JJH summarized his learnings from cybernetics with a student’s perspective into a framework with quasi-axioms and key riddles of inquiry followed by key principles and future development trends. This Manuscript not only served as a textbook for his guest lecturer courses to graduate students at George Washington University (1994), Peking University (1995), Tsinghua University (1999), and undergraduate students at CSU Monterey Bay (1996) but also as a milestone that marked the three branches of his later work, because his later works are rooted from chapters of this manuscript (i.e., his walk came from his talk.)

The first branch is that he used cybernetics principles to develop applications to improve human communication, i.e., the work of Communicatics – a theory with practical tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of communication between different perspectives.

The second branch, with his life partner Wenjun Du and the Institute of Cultural Affairs as seed content provider, is to develop training curriculums that bring change to organizational behavior and improve corporate culture, i.e., the work of WINTOP Roundtable Leadership Program. “TOP” in their company name, WINTOP meant “Technology of Participation.”

The third branch, also with Wenjun as a co-worker, focuses on efforts to introduce an advanced mass education model into China, i.e., the Apollo Project 1999-2002. (Links here have Chinese content, including John Sperling’s book translated by Wenjun). Along this line of work, the WINTOP team translated Rusell Ackoff’s work “Ackoff’s Best” and Fujif Capra’s System Thinking Movie “MindWalk” into Chinese.

Those three lines of work involved a large amount of field investigation and field experimentation, which are heavily hands-on and face-to-face with the test of the market. Therefore, they provided rich substances for reflections and “After-Action-Learning”(AAL, as contrasted with BRL: – Book-Reading-Learning). Therefore, he propagates the concept of “OTA” (the trinity of Observing-Thinking-Acting all in one) to replace the narrow-minded academic concept of “observing” or “thinking” to improve their solidness.

Based on such learnings, and triggered by the 911 Terrorist Attack,  JJH’s attention of inquiry moved from the reformation of society to the evolution of civilizations. During his “meditation period” from 2009 to 2019, he traveled extensively to 30+ countries and studied in museums and libraries of 80+ cities, searching for clues about the evolutionary dynamic of our civilization. Foreign Affairs turned down his article “Five Threats to Human Civilization” during this period, but you can find it here (link). One of the Five Threats is Chinmunism (a crossbreed of communism and Chinese traditional despotism), according to JJH. Therefore, he suggested “Four China Strategies” to deal with the Chinmunism Threat (link).

During the above period, JJH worked on topics of Cognitive Capability, the Bell-curve 2.0 Hypothesis, and the Cultural Gene Hypothesis, which serve as theoretical foundations for a new theory of civilization evolution, offering a unique perspective of human history and our current chaotic world.

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